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About #byHillTribe

We are dedicated to our families—the Kariang silversmiths and to our customers. [#byHillTribe] is an exporter of Karen [Kariang (in Thai) or Pwa Ka Nyaw {pronounced Paakaw-Yaw} in Karen] hill tribe silver beads and silver jewelry making components. We have been working beside the Pwa Ka Nyaw of Nasai Village in Lamphun, Thailand since 2004.

Silver-by-HillTribe is a registered business operating as a subsidiary of Gravity ProteXion, LLP [Kingdom of Thailand]. We serve as a conduit for Nasai silver-village and envisage ourselves to becoming the Hill Tribe Silver brand ambassador as we reach out to global bead stores, jewelry makers and lovers of the most undervalued commodity on earth—SILVER. In light of it all, we strive to preserve our ancestral traditions of bead-making, farming and fabric weaving, for these are the greatest gifts to pass down to our children.

Realistically #byHillTribe acts as an agent for you and the hill tribe silversmiths, and as well—to those associate showrooms in Chiang Mai and Bangkok where we procure any silver jewelry components that aren’t in stock. We are a small family business who believe in karma and compassion, and that ultimately philanthropy is the key to nirvana—the stairway to heaven. We try to make Earth a peaceful and prosperous planet.

With our inherent ability to communicate and understand your needs and manufacturing requirements, we are able to relay your specifications to the Karen silversmiths. In doing so, we hope to create more opportunities and a consistent flow of work for the hill tribe families so that they too may continue improving their own lives by way of honest trade. By keeping a Kariang silversmiths working, we help endorse the bead-making trade and deter youths from turning to drug trafficking [or drug use] or prostitution. Worse is when our children stray [or are sold/bartered off] because of burdensome dispositions—because indeed those are the ones that become victims of human trafficking. Hardly anything can be more terrorizing for a parent. This being said—don’t be surprised to see even the preadolescent children in the village pick up a hammer or thread to help out during school breaks. It’s our method of survival in Thai society that largely look down upon the minority ethnic groups as subordinate-class.

Just as important as prevention of those things—we believe that when we have anything of cultural significance for the next generation to “inherit”, we should work extra hard to ensure we instill those values in our children before we’re gone. In turn, we must trust that they too will do the same for the generation after.

Nasai Village is a growing community of Pwa Ka Nyaw families. Most of whom have dedicated themselves to manufacturing a handful of their "best selling" designs, while others supplement their living by farming rice, potato, fruits and vegetables, basket weaving and tribal textiles. Many families do everything mentioned here and more. We’re not a wealthy village by any means, but we’re a group of energetic Karen people who are eager to create silver beads and jewelry. It is actually our favorite past-time, especially for the ladies who stay home and watch the young. Like the ancient nomadic social tables, Pwa Ka Nyaw women and elderly stretchout their legs across the grass mat floor in an intimate embrace with the tamarind stump while they hammer away to sculpt the silver jewelry by feel and sight. All the while laughing and keeping each other in good spirits, in the same way our ancestor did.

Nasai silversmiths do not work for Silver-by-HillTribe because they reserve their freedom as independent artisans who can work from the comfort of home. Silversmiths receive orders from us for designs that they specialize in manufacturing. Each family have their own line of product they create and will only accept orders for those designs. This is very helpful in spreading wealth among the small community and with product identity [what’s the trend?].

Since 2009 the market for beading staggers along, it is evident that many households have moved on to other things. How heartbroken we are to see so many of our favorite jewelry designers put away their magnifying glass and pliers because of the global economy. In the same way, many hill tribe families have shoved the wood stump and hammers to a corner of the house, having to shift primary focus to their fruit plantations and farming which has become more lucrative than silversmithing—especially now that China is in great need for food. That’s not to say it’s “wrong” but rather that each Kariang family know which work is more gratifying to them.

We are located in Chiang Mai, Thailand approximately 3 hours from Nasai Village [also called Prabhat Huaythom]. Hill Tribe silversmiths are committed to creating and delivering their merchandise once a week. Every Mondays [or Fridays] the Karens will come down to make delivery and take new orders. At the same time, we get to enjoy their companionship, discussing matters that cover politics, food and customer’s requests [ comments, suggestions, complaints and complements ].

We currently do not have a "SHOWROOM". We are registered as an “export only” business that allows for tax breaks, however this restricts us to working online, through websites and emails. If you happen to be in Chiang Mai and would like to visit a showroom with hill tribe silver products, we have associate showrooms that are open year-round in Chiang Mai and year-round-‘on-weekends’ in Bangkok’s Jatujak Market in Bangkok.

Please know that we are grateful for you and for the community in which we live. To one another: We share the responsibility of compunction.

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