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Silver Price

Volume discount [500 grams minimum] can be obtained at our sister-site:

new hill tribe silver aspires to supply our silver jewelry making components at the lowest price possible while maintaining quality and profitability. Our artisans work very hard to provide us with every bead. Some items are obtained through our affiliate showrooms and some are our very own #byHillTribe designs supplied to us directly from Nasai Karen Village where the hill tribe silversmiths work independently at their own pace.

Realizing how laborious and repetitious the work can be, we pay our artisans for their efforts, knowing that it is the primary mechanism of motivation. Although there is satisfaction in creating such wonderful designs, it is only satisfying if each artisan is happy with the reward. When the work is not satisfying or rewarding, they tend to move on to doing other things to provide for their family. Many be lured into cities where the only jobs they can find are low-wage and laborious, all the while living with the expectation of providing for their families back in the village. For this reason many are enticed by quick money schemes like drug smuggling and prostitution because the demand for such are constantly on the rise, particularly in Thailand where tourism is a substantial source of the GDP. We want to help our artisans from falling into this trap by providing a satisfying wage for their work.

For your benefit, we want to be transaparent with our pricing. Below these chart, we explain how much our silver price is calculated at Retail and Discounted Price. More importantly, on every product page you will also see what each silver bead or charm weigh so that you can do the calculations and compare. It's the smart consumer way.

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How to estimate manufacturing cost and assess value of Thai hill tribe silver

Add the spot silver price [quoted above] to our manufacturing cost of $200—the absolute lowest price we can sell our products. However, this price is only feasible if the order meets our wholesale threshold of 1 kilogram and a minimum of 150 grams per design [we can be flexible if asked]. To obtain the lowest price, please send us an email with specified weight or quantity you require and we’ll get back to you with an an estimate before proceeding with production.

Our retail price is generated based on a 70% markup from our manufacturing cost. This allows us some flexibility during the Up and Down trends of the market and exchange rates. In either case, we’re always looking for an opportunity to reduce prices and keep our products at a discounted rate throughout most of the year. You should always calculate the silver price on our site [for comparing]. Example: Looking at an item description [B1222—8mm silver bead [email protected]] The number 4 states that there are 4 pieces weighing 0.9 grams in the package, making the total weight of the sale = 3.6 grams. Now take the listed price for that item and divide it by total weight. That’s the price you are paying for the silver. We urge you to always make some random calculation to make sure everything is as we’ve advertised.

Please note that all discount coupons and gift vouchers will be calculated during the checkout process. You will always have the option to edit what's in your shopping cart, shipping preference and delivery address once you have registered and logged into the system. Your shopping cart is saved automatically so you can come back and continue where you left off at any time. Please register and log-in before you start shopping.

You may also receive additional 4% discount on top of the following discounts for submitting a wire-trasnfer payment. This is because our credit card company (payment gateway) charges us a percentage for every transaction. Receiving payment by bank wire transfer means we save on this fee, thus additional discounts can be applied.

pile of Karen hill tribe silver components

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