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Common questions about #byHillTribe Silver

Why create an account with us?

Creating an account with is essential in doing business with us. Additionally it will ensure you have more control over your order records and interactions with us. Once an account is created, you are able to access your own record (shopping cart items, shipping information, products you've order, products you want to order, etc.) which will make your experience with us much more satisfying and efficient. You can complete your orders at your own leisure, taking as much time as you need to do so. Your information is kept online for you at all times.

Forget your password?

Hit the "Forgot my password" link located on the sign-on page. If you remember the email address used to register, then the system will send you reset instructions to that email address. The system assumes you will remember the email address you used to register. If email is wrong or does not exist you will not receive a response. Then you should contact us directly by using the contact form and let us know your full name and any pertinent information. We'll be happy to create a new log-in for you.

How to buy? is our retail outlet of #byHillTribe products. There is no minimum, however, many smaller items are sold in a batches we refer to as "sets". Please read the item's description carefully so you understand what you will be receiving.

  • Read description of product carefully so you fully understand what you are receiving [how many pieces, how many grams]
  • The cart does most of the calculations for you, including weight. is our business-to-business wholesale website. If you use a silver design regularly, we recommend buying in bulk to take advantage of our manufacturing discount offer.

How to pay?

Payment can be completed by following the instructions provided during the checkout process. We accept Paypal and major credit cards which can also be submitted using the Paypal Gateway (You do not need a Paypal account). As well, another credit payment gateway is provided which accepts all major credit except Amex. In case of large order we will gladly accept bank wire transfer. Using this method of payment saves on gateway processing fees that we return to you to be used towards transfer fees.

Where is my package?

Registered Airmail shipments take 2 weeks to make delivery. During the holiday season, it can take longer. Yes, it is a very slow shipping method as the package goes through the Global Postal systems of millions of packages and then get held up at customs for many days. Once released from your country's custom's warehouse, it is then delivered to the local post office for delivery to you. Once the postman/woman makes delivery to your address, he/she will require a signature. If no one is there to sign for the package, the postman/woman will likely leave a notice for you to pick up the package at their location. This is not always the case but is a likely scenario, therefore, if you do not receive a package within the specified time frame, please make sure to contact us and then make an appearance to the Post Office to inquire if the package is held up for a signature. We keep records of all shipments and receipts and will be happy to provide you with any information for reference to your package. Here are some useful portals for tracking POST MAIL packages:

  • [ YOUR nation's postal authority website like ]

Express shipment can be tracked online. If you did not receive a tracking number with your shipment, please make sure to let us know. We update this information directly into the platform's database which has an automated response to send out an email to notify you of shipment.

Can I get a better discount?

Yes. Please read our pricing page for more details. But basically, it costs us $200 to produce a kilogram of silver so if you can provide us with the silver granules, we can give you the best deal.

Can I return some products?

Yes. We guarantee our product and your satisfaction! Before sending back any items, please make sure we are aware of it. Returning items will also incur shipping cost for you and importing cost for us, therefore, we would like to keep this line of communication open with you. We have friends and families all over the world that will be happy to receive returns on our behalf so that items can be consolidated and hand carried back to us. Once you inform us of about a "return" shipment, we will make arrangements and inform you where to send the returns.

What is the silver content of Hill Tribe Silver?

More than Sterling 92.5% and less than 100%. We guarantee this and welcome any test done on our products as all hill tribe silver created by using 99.9% pure silver granules purchased from reputable suppliers in Thailand. We do mix a small percent [usually less than 5%] of copper-tin, bronze-alloy to strengthen the design. We do not use any Nickel or Rhodium in our products.

What is the fastest shipping method?

This depends on where you live. For most modern countries, we recommend FedEx or UPS as the quickest shipping couriers as both have their own Custom's Broker. If in doubt, please submit an inquiry before committing to your order.

Where are hill tribe silver shipped from?

All of our hill tribe silver are shipped from Chiang Mai, Thailand unless otherwise stated. If ordering as part of a Group Buy, please contact your host for tracking information.

How long before shipments are released once order has been submitted?

We are able to process an order and submit shipment within 72 hours, depending on size and quantity of the order. It does take longer if you are ordering more of certain designs. If ordering 150 grams or more, we may need to manufacture the design first. In which case, it will take at least another week for a rush order. In most cases you can count on production time to take 2 weeks.

Do you manufacture CUSTOM DESIGNS?

We do. However, we are limited by tools. It is best to get in touch with us so we can discuss your specifications with our artisans.

  • Custom Logo [Brand Tag, Name Tag, Signature]: It is more difficult that one thinks. But the easiest and most economical way is to send us a complete metal stamp tool for us to use. There are companies that specialize in creating stamp tools for this purpose.
  • Custom Design: Please contact us by email first by sending an image and description for review. We will let you know if it is possible to reproduce.

What is the cost of manufacturing Custom Designs?

Custom designs are calculated using the same pricing structure as shown on our site. There are no additional fees unless agreed upon before hand.

What is the current silver price?

Thai hill tribe silver price is subject to change according to the international silver trading price as well as the monetary exchange rates. Silver-by-HillTribe will take full responsibility for keeping our products and pricing up to date. If you are quoted a certain price for large orders, we will only guarantee that certain price for 24 hours. For further detail on our current pricing structure, please review our PRICING page.

Do you have a showroom?

No. Asia Charisma is a registered business as "export only".. However, there are many hill tribe silver jewelry stores in Chiang Mai, Bangkok and other large cities in the Kingdom of Thailand. If you'd like to visit a shop we can recommend a few. Contact us by email and we will be happy to help.

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